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The open waters of DeFi and TradFi can be filled with Pirates, Sharks, and Storms. It can be dangerous to try to make the voyage alone. Join the Armada and find your DeFi safe harbor or passage to TradFi with confidence and security.

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Stake $RSRV
Stake $RSRV and receive a guranteed percentage based on lock up time-period.
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Stake ETH/eRSDL or ETH/RSRV LP’s for maximum rewards.
Purchase $eRSDL or $RSRV bonds to play one of the most innovative long games.
Join the Armada as we cross the seas of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) into the open oceans of Traditional Finance (TradFi)

ReserveDAO (RSRV) was formed by the unFederalReserve (eRSDL) community, its leaders and members shared a common vision, Buy The Bank! By acquiring a bank and utilizing the software and rails already established by the eRSDL team. ReserveDAO will be able to serve a host of products to the defi and tradfi worlds alike. Coupling that with tokenomics that are built upon the long term principles of stable linear growth and RSRV backed rewards. Enables the ReserveDAO protocol to provide a safe harbor for customers of these products. Holders and participants of the protocol will be able to have the only token that can make you a preferred equity holder of a bank and provide a safe passage between Defi and TradFi.

The protocols aim is to reward the community and those who give most to the RSRV/eRSDL ecosystem. Those who have gone through the proper KYC/AML processes may become preferred equity holders in all the institutions we obtain as a DAO. Holders will also be able to stake their tokens for a set time period and receive RSRV in return. Rewards will also be given to those that participate and promote ReserveDAO. Successful proposals on the governance platform and/or contributing to our medium page with articles will be rewarded! Promotions of ReserveDAO that are done in a healthy organic manner and that can be backed by analytics will also be rewarded! The first step is joining Discord or Telegram!

What is a DeFi Safe Harbor? We believe a Safe Harbor is a place that allows users the ability to interact with our DeFi or TradFi products with confidence and simplicity. A Safe Harbor is a place with long term stability and short term accessibility in mind. This will be achieved by coupling our tokenomics/DeFI protocol with equity positions in financial institutions. Since crypto is a highly volatile space, having a constant revenue flow will help the DAO create stability across our products in times of volatility. Giving our customers different products to choose from to help hedge against this volatility for set time periods. Last but not least, a Safe Harbor provides a passage from DeFi to TradFi, giving users the ability to place their assets and capital in different markets while staying on the blockchain.


The DAO's mission is to provide connectivity and stability. Our immediate goal is to provide liquidity for the unFederalReserve product suite and buy a bank!

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